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Heating Products

F-117 Electric Panel Heater
Its high precision thermostat ensures a homogenous temperature throughout the room that is heated and energy savings of up to 10% when compared to a standard thermostat. It can be programmed by a variety of systems readily available on the marketplace.



F-18 Multiformat Range Panel Heater
Can be installed anywhere.

The F-18 Multiformat range combines stylish slimline design with a variety of different sizes to meet all installation queries. Its soft lines and rounded corners allow for discrete and elegant installations. Its programming system, the Chronocard plug-in timer, allows the range to act as a decentralised heating system by programming each area individually. The F-18 is equipped with a high precision electronic thermostat that takes into account the most minor variations in the temperature of the area heated thereby providing the highest degree of comfort to the end-user.


Tatou Panel Heater
Tatou is more than a panel heater, it’s a piece of furniture. Its signature design allows the product to be installed in any day room (discrete and unobtrusive) at a lower capital cost than a storage heater. Furthermore, the radiant panel heater gives a sense of increased comfort; the end-user feels the heat.


Monalisa Radiator/Heated Towel Rail
Appreciated as a source of serenity and welI-being, the bathroom is now considered as a room in its own right and much care is devoted to its comfort and aesthetic appearance. Monalisa offers an ideal response on both counts.


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