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Cooling Products

Big Ass Fans

Big Ass Fans are HVLS (High Volume Low Speed) fans. These large ceiling fans are incredibly ‘energy efficient’ and are the most economical and effective way of improving thermal comfort in large open spaces. Big Ass Fans deliver effective Summer cooling benefits and heating cost reduction benefits in Winter.

How Big Ass Fans work:
The Big Ass Fan moves a massive column of air at low velocity towards the floor equivalent to the fans diameter which then turns and radiates out in all directions.

Big Ass Fan Applications include:

  1. Shopping Complex
    Huge energy savings & running costs of AC due to Big Ass assist
  2. Gymnasium
    Effective cooling for patrons eliminating up to 15 noisy domestic wall fans
  3. Foodcourt Atrium
    Destratification of conditioned air
  4. Entertainment Venue
    Effective air circulation via cooling breeze effect
  5. Hotel Foyer
    Effective Summer cooling& insect deterrent
  6. Sports Stadium
    Thermal comfort for patrons in all seasons
  7. Factory Warehouse
    Increases of worker comfort, productivity and retention
  8. Restaurant
    Creating perfect thermal comfort for patrons all year round
  9. Aircraft Hanger
    Air circulation and bird deterrent
  10. Wine Storage
    Elimination of condensation off the floor causing damage to product


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